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Address: Unit 1606-1607 11th Drive Cor. 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Phone number: 9177 06 98 34

E-mail: support@vamo.ph

Max APR: 5618%

Term: 62 days - 10 months

Cost example: Loan of 1000 ₱ for 3 months, monthly payment 824 ₱, total amount 2470 ₱, annual percentage rate APR 117%.


Address: Level 10-1 One Global Place 25th Street Cor. 5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Phone number: (632) 7902 73 90

E-mail: info@cash-express.ph

Max APR: 145%

Term: 62 days - 1 year

Cost example: Loan of 2400 ₱ for 3 months, monthly payment 870 ₱, total amount 2610 ₱, annual percentage rate APR 145%.

Soscredit.ph - SOSCREDIT

Address: Philippines

Phone number: -

E-mail: info@soscredit.ph

Max APR: 180%

Term: 3 months - 1 year

Cost example: Loan of 2400 ₱ for 3 months, monthly payment 870 ₱, total amount 2610 ₱, annual percentage rate APR 145%.


Address: Units P107003R, P107007R, P107008R, Level 7 Cyberpark Tower1, 60 Gen. Aguinaldo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 1109

Phone number: (02) 8876 84 84

E-mail: support@digido.ph

Max APR: 143%

Term: 3 months - 6 months

Cost example: Loan of 20000 ₱ for 6 months, monthly payment 5716 ₱, total amount 34296 ₱, annual percentage rate APR 143%.

Top loans in the Philippines 

An online loan is your reliable ally in financial matters in all cases of life! When an urgent situation arises and you need money immediately, and there is no time for paperwork and trips to the lender's office, the zaimionline.com website will be your salvation. Using our comparison site with a wide range of top loans, in just a few minutes, you can choose the best financial support option for you and access additional funds at your convenience, completely online. Fast, safe and hassle-free. Solve your financial needs profitably and confidently! 

What makes online loans the top loans and the best financial solution? 

Online loans offer many advantages and maximum benefits for you: 

  • The application process is incredibly fast, taking only a few minutes. All the borrower needs to do is compare available offers, choose the most suitable option, and fill out the application. 

  • There are various online loan options from numerous lenders for every need and request, especially on the zaimionline.com website, where you can explore the selection of Filipino top loans. Compare terms and choose the best option that suits your needs. 

  • Forget about piles of documents. There are minimal paper formalities in obtaining a loan online. You can also get the money without visiting banks or filling out many paper forms. 

  • Online loans offer flexible conditions, allowing you to choose the optimal amount and repayment period that matches the unique financial capabilities of each borrower. 

  • Contract terms are always clear and transparent. There are no hidden fees. Borrowers are always informed about all expenses and consequences that may arise in case of non-payment. 

Be sure to consider the specific need for the loan and study all the conditions to make the right decision. 

There are some conditions that top loans on the zaimionline.com website have: 

On our website zaimionline.com, we strive to provide important information about financial companies and Filipino top loans, allowing potential borrowers to find the most suitable option according to their needs. 

Please consider the following indicators when making a choice: 

  • Loan amount - decide how much money you need to achieve your goal. Typically, lender offer to borrow amounts between 500 ₱ and 50 000 ₱. 

  • Loan repayment term - choose the optimal period during which you can comfortably repay the debt. You can choose a term from 7 days to 1 year. 

Also, pay attention to the interest rate that the financial institution can offer you. As a first-time client, you often have the opportunity to access an initial loan with a 0% interest rate. Keep in mind that the maximum annual percentage rate (your expenses for using the loan) can reach up to 180%. 

Here is an example of calculating online loan: 

Let's imagine that you decide to get one of the top loans online. You choose an amount of 2400 ₱ and plan to repay it within 3 months. The annual interest rate in this example is 145%. With a monthly payment of 870 ₱, the commission will be 210 ₱. In the end, the total amount you will repay will be 2610 ₱. 

To get top loans online borrowers need to meet specific criteria 

When reviewing a potential borrower's application, lenders thoroughly assess many factors. Based on this information, the loan may either be approved or declined. 

Key requirements include: 

  • Age of the borrower: Top loans are typically available for individuals aged 18 to 75, depending on the lender's policies. 

  • Citizenship: Borrowers must have citizenship of the Philippines. 

  • Financial status: Borrowers are required to be either employed or possess a dependable and regular source of income. 

Satisfying such criteria as stable income and good credit history will increase the likelihood of loan approval because that proves your financial reliability, increasing the lender's confidence in you as a borrower. Having existing obligations can diminish the chances of obtaining a new loan as it may affect your repayment capacity. 

It is crucial to provide accurate information in the application, avoiding exaggeration and ensuring no typos or errors to instill confidence in the lender's decision.     

Essential details regarding loan repayment 

As a borrower, it is crucial to honor your repayment commitment. Failing to meet these obligations may result in penalties, increase your debt and adversely affect your credit history, making it harder to secure future loans. 

After receiving the loan, do not forget about timely repayment. Mark the payment dates in your phone calendar or set up automatic payments through Internet banking. We recommend making monthly payments 2-3 days before the due date to ensure the money reaches the lender's account on time. 

If circumstances prevent you from repaying the loan timely, immediately contact the lender and request an extension for the payment deadline. This way, you can protect your credit history from negative records that may impact your future financial experiences. However, please note that an additional fee might apply for extending the loan, which could differ from the original rate.  

In the event of prolonged non-payment, the lender may opt to transfer the debt to a collection agency, which may impact your financial situation negatively. It is best to address any repayment difficulties promptly to avoid these consequences. 

At zaimionline.com, we inform and empower borrowers with valuable insights into Philippine lenders and microfinance options, helping you make informed decisions. We do not perform as a microfinance institution and do not provide loans.