We kindly request you familiarize yourself with the information on the utilization of cookies on our website - It is of utmost importance to emphasize that cookies are completely harmless and do not possess the ability to inflict any harm on your computer. However, we acknowledge that some users may have legitimate concerns regarding the tracking of their activities while browsing the website. In light of this, it is imperative for our team to fulfil our obligation of informing users about the use of cookies and their purpose on the website.

What is the definition of cookies?

When you visit the website, you may have noticed the use of cookies and wondered what purpose they serve. Small text files that websites store on a user's device, such as a computer or mobile phone, when they visit the site are cookie files. They contain information about the user's browsing behaviour and preferences, such as their login information, language settings, and shopping cart contents, for example. Cookies play a vital role in enhancing your browsing experience and providing personalized services.

What cookie files does our website utilize?

The website utilizes two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on your device only during your active session on the website. They are automatically removed when you close your browser. Session cookies are used to store information such as your selected search parameters, ensuring a seamless experience during your visit. Persistent cookies remain on your computer for a longer period, as determined by the website's specified settings. They can retain user preference data and facilitate personalized advertising on the website. These cookies remember your choices and enable the website to provide you with relevant content and suggestions based on your previous interactions.

What is the purpose of using these files?

The data gathered through cookies on our website includes your IP address, browser data, operating system, language preferences, and other non-personally identifiable information. This information is used for various purposes:

  • User preference storage: Cookies store your preferences, such as your chosen language. This ensures that your preferences are remembered and applied during your next visit to the site, enhancing your convenience.
  • Personalized recommendations: By analyzing your previous views and interactions on the site, cookies can provide personalized recommendations for loan offers that may be suitable for you. This feature helps you discover relevant products and services more efficiently.
  • Analytics and site improvement: Cookies collect data on how users interact with the website, providing valuable insights for website owners to analyze user behavior and improve the functionality and convenience of the platform for users.
  • Advertising and marketing: Cookies enable the display of targeted advertisements on the website and other platforms. These advertisements are tailored to your interests and preferences, making them more relevant and useful to you.

Third-party cookies

Apart from first-party cookies, the website may employ third-party cookies to enhance its functionalities. These cookies are placed on your device by external services or entities to provide supplementary features and services. Third-party cookies may originate from various sources, including Google Analytics, which anonymously collects statistics and analyzes website usage, or advertising services like Google Ads, which customize ads according to your preferences and activities. By utilizing these third-party cookies, the website aims to offer an enriched browsing experience and cater to your specific needs.

The protection of cookies on

Ensuring the utmost security of cookies is a top priority for us. These cookies play a crucial role in enhancing your browsing experience while adhering to strict data privacy standards. It's important to note that these cookies never gather sensitive information like usernames or passwords. To further fortify your data protection, the website utilizes a robust HTTPS connection, guaranteeing that all data transmitted between your device and the server remains encrypted and safeguarded. By implementing these stringent security measures, aims to provide you with a safe and seamless browsing environment, giving you peace while accessing our services.

While the website takes significant measures to safeguard the data collected through cookies, users need to exercise caution and protect their confidential information, including login credentials. Regularly updating your antivirus software is highly recommended to mitigate potential security risks associated with the utilization of cookies or any other online activities.

Modifying cookie settings

We acknowledge and respect the users' right to control the collection and usage of cookies, especially in cases where privacy violations are a concern. If you wish to modify your cookie settings, you can do so in your browser preferences. The specific location of these settings may vary depending on your browser, but they are typically found in the "Privacy" or "Security" section. You have the option to allow, block, or delete cookies according to your preferences. Determining whether to use cookies is a personal decision that each user should make based on his priorities, weighing the significance of data confidentiality against the convenience of utilizing the web resource. However, it is important to bear in mind that opting for blocking cookies may result in website malfunctions and a suboptimal user experience.

If you have any additional questions or require further clarification, we encourage you to reach out using the form on the “Contacts” page for personalized assistance.