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Information regarding the lenders - Aventus Technology Limited

Address: Rhapta Heights, 1st Rhapta Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone number: 0709-029-000


Max APR: 803%

Term: 62 days - 1 year

Loan of 15,000 KES for 12 months, monthly repayment 10,059 KES total amount 120,708 KES, annual percentage rate APR 803%.

Borrow fast and profitably with - your go-to source for finding the best quick loans! 

Financial emergencies are unpredictable, often requiring immediate financial help. From unexpected healthcare costs, urgent vehicle repairs, to sudden home renovation projects and important personal purchases, quick financial assistance is a vital lifebuoy during challenging times. In Kenya, quick loans provide such fast solution for immediate financial needs, and stands out as the best platform for making this process even more effective. It's not just about rapid access to funds; it's also about profitability and efficiency. Our website offers a comprehensive comparison service, meticulously curating the finest loan options available in the Kenyan market. With, you gain both speed and quality in your financial endeavors. represents a groundbreaking approach as a loan comparison site, connecting borrowers with reputable lenders throughout Kenya. Our user-friendly platform and comprehensive network of lenders make it easy to find quick loans that perfectly suit your individual needs. We guide you through loan terms, calculations, eligibility, and the impacts of loan debts. 

Everything you need to know about quick loans: 

Before applying for a loan, it's crucial to thoroughly compare different borrowing offers and familiarize yourself with all the conditions. 

In Kenya, loan amounts vary widely, meeting diverse financial needs. You can choose from a range of sums, from tinier amounts like 500 KES to bigger ones up to 40,000 KES, based on your specific requirements. It's important to assess your financial situation wisely and borrow accordingly – overborrowing can create repayment difficulties, and in the meantime, underborrowing may not fully meet your needs. 

Repayment conditions for quick loans are tailored to fit your financial situation and budget. You're free to select a repayment period that normally ranges from 62 days to a year, ensuring a repayment schedule that suits you best. 

Interest rates for quick loans in Kenya may vary among lenders. We encourage borrowers to compare interest rates meticulously to find the best deal that aligns with their financial goals. Stay aware that the maximum annual interest rate (Max APR) for quick loans can reach up to 803%. 

Loan calculation: understanding repayment specifics 

Consider this example to understand how is the amount payable on a loan calculated: You take out a loan of 10,000 KES, repayable over 6 months. Here, the annual percentage rate (APR) is 365%. The monthly repayment would be around 3,818 KES. The total repayment by the end of the term would be 22,905 KES. 

Lender requirements to follow: 

To qualify for quick loans, candidates must meet certain criteria. Lenders on aim to make quick financial aid widely available, so the common requirements include only: 

  1. Age: Applicants should be between 23 and 63 years old. 

  1. Income: A steady income is necessary to manage repayments hassle-free. 

  1. Residency: Loans are open to Kenyans currently residing in Kenya. 

  1. Documentation: A valid Kenyan national ID is essential for loan approval. 

  1. Contact Information: A valid phone number is required. 

Loan debt implications:  

As quick loans are invaluable in financial emergencies, understanding the consequences of loan debt is crucial since the consequences of non-payment of a loan can aggravate an already unstable financial situation. Poor loan management can lead to: 

  • Elevated Financial Strain: Missed payments can increase the loan amount due to added interest, fees, and penalties, complicating repayment and possibly causing a debt cycle. 

  • Credit Score Impact: Late or missed payments can negatively affect your credit history, restricting future borrowing options and harming your financial health. 

  • Collection Actions: Continued non-repayment may lead to collection actions, including calls, emails, or agency involvement, adding stress and financial burden. 

To avoid these scenarios, borrow responsibly, evaluate your finances, and ensure you can comfortably adhere to the repayment terms. Stay organized and stick to the payment plan to ensure timely repayment. Set payment reminders on your phone or opt for automatic payments through online banking. Paying slightly ahead of the due date ensures lenders receive funds on time. Proactive actions safeguard your financial standing. 

While is not a microfinance institution and doesn't issue loans directly, our extensive loan comparison service lets you explore numerous loan options from reliable lenders, helping you find the ideal microfinance solution tailored to your needs.