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Details on the lenders - Aventus Technology Limited

Address: Rhapta Heights, 1st Rhapta Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone number: 0709-029-000


Max APR: 803%

Term: 62 days - 1 year

Loan of 15,000 KES for 12 months, monthly repayment 10,059 KES total amount 120,708 KES, annual percentage rate APR 803%.

Unsecured loans - the straightforward way to financial freedom 

Life's unforeseeable nature often presents to us unexpected financial challenges, leading to a pressing need for quick solutions. In these moments, unsecured loans emerge as a critical lifeline, bridging the gap between urgent financial needs and the achievement of all the goals set. At, our focus is on providing you with the opportunity to access financial support rapidly but still profitably, delivering supportive services that ease rather than increase your financial load. We are committed to presenting a comprehensive loan comparison service for our customers in Kenya, supplying all necessary information about loans to facilitate a quick and informed decision in critical financial moments.  

Salient features of unsecured loans: 

Unsecured loans have become a top choice for those in financial urgency due to their numerous benefits: 

  • No need for collateral or guarantors: 

These loans are appealing as they bypass the need for collateral or guarantors, making the loan process more straightforward and accessible to a broader audience. 

  • Immediate money access: 

They are distinguished by their quick approval and fund disbursement process, providing immediate financial relief in emergencies and enabling you to address pressing issues without delay. 

  • Multipurpose use: 

Unsecured loans in Kenya are flexible and suitable for covering sudden medical costs, home maintenance, educational fees, or other immediate financial needs. 

  • Minimized paperwork: 

Compared to traditional loans, unsecured loans usually require fewer documents, streamlining your application experience, as well as you avoid the hassle of visiting banks or lending institutions as it is an online process. 

  • Customizable loan amounts: 

These loans are tailored to individual financial requirements, allowing you to choose an amount that aligns with your financial situation and a repayment plan that is comfortable for you. 

  • Easy application conditions: 

The requirements to qualify for unsecured loans are quite relaxed, featuring flexible age criteria and just a few additional lender requirements. 

  • Confidentiality and security: 

Your privacy and security are paramount at and among the lending partners. Our website ensures your personal information remains protected, offering a secure and hassle-free borrowing process. 

Loan terms explained: 

It's important to understand the loan terms before applying: 

  • Interest rates (APR): These are vital components reflecting your loan's overall cost. We recommend comparing interest rates from different lenders to secure the most beneficial terms. Lenders provide clear information on interest rates for all loans, and the highest APR possible caps at 803%. This transparency ensures no hidden costs or future surprises. 

  • Loan amount and repayment period: Every financial situation is different, hence unsecured loans offer flexibility. Borrowing what you need helps avoid extra financial pressure. Loan amounts typically vary from 500 KES to 40,000 KES, with adjustable repayment terms. Repayment periods range from 62 days to 1 year, enabling you to tailor your loan to your financial capacity. 

Example of a calculation: 

For instance, if you require a 10,000 KES loan to be repaid over 6 months, with an APR of 365%, the monthly payment would be about 3,818 KES, leading to a total repayment of 22,905 KES. 

Requirements for getting a loan: 

To be eligible for unsecured loans, candidates must meet specific criteria: 

  • Age: Borrowers should be of a certain age, starting at 23 years to 63 years.  

  • Necessary Paperwork: Ensure you have your national ID at hand for the application.  

  • Contact: A current telephone number is needed for efficient communication. 

  • Consistent Earnings: Having a stable source of income is crucial for hassle-free loan repayment. 

  • Location: These loans are accessible to individuals presently living in Kenya. 

Loan repayment: key factors 

Ensuring timely repayment of loans is vital for maintaining a healthy credit score and overall financial health. To avoid negative impacts, it is important to: 

  • Maintain credit rating: Avoiding late or missed payments is crucial to protect your credit score and improve your credit history, as it influences future loan approvals and conditions. 

  • Reduce extra costs: Timely payments help avoid additional interest and penalties, reducing the overall repayment amount. 

  • Prevent debt-related actions: Consistent failure to repay may lead to debt collection efforts or legal proceedings. 

Please note that while is a web platform with loan option comparisons, we are not a direct lender nor do we offer unsecured loans or other financial assistance ourselves. Our service is aimed at empowering borrowers to make informed choices in their search for suitable loan solutions.