Cookies are small files that are stored on a user's computer, phone, or tablet. They play an important role in enhancing the user experience on a website, making it more personalized and convenient. 

What are Cookies used for? 

Cookies are used to collect information about the users and their utilization of the website. Cookies can store information such as personalized user settings, like preferred language and font size, information about visits, such as time, IP address, device used, and internet browser, as well as personal data like name and phone number. 

All collected and stored user data is used for specific purposes and is protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 

The main purposes are to enhance the user experience by recognizing the user during subsequent visits to the website. For example, through geolocation, the website can offer options that are most suitable for the user's location. It also eliminates the need for the user to constantly enter login information to view personalized offers. 

Furthermore, Cookies help improve the website by collecting statistical data on website traffic, service selection, etc. This way, we enhance the website's performance, service quality, and content. 

What types of Cookies do we use? 

On the website, we use session and persistent Cookies. 

  • Session Cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted after the internet session is completed. 
  • Persistent Cookies are stored between internet sessions for months and need to be manually deleted if necessary. 

The website may also use third-party Cookies from external providers such as Facebook and Google, which collect data about the user's preferences based on their visits to specific websites. This allows the user to see targeted advertisements tailored to their interests while browsing the internet. 

Disabling Cookies 

We recommend allowing the use of Cookies as restricting them may result in a loss of performance and functionality on the website. However, if you prefer not to use Cookies, you can disable them in your internet browser settings or use specialized programs to block them.