Privacy Policy

The website has prepared the Privacy Policy in accordance with the legislation. Users can familiarize themselves with the information on the collection, processing, and protection of personal data that is carried out on this website. 

Personal data that may be collected 

The personal data of users on the website is collected with the user's consent, which is granted through the use of Cookies responsible for collecting information. Among the data we collect are personal details such as name, email address, visit time, preferred settings, login data, and more. For more detailed information on the use of Cookies, please refer to the section on the website. 

Usage of personal data  

The personal data we collect is used strictly for its intended purpose and is not shared with third parties without the users' permission. The exception to this is when required by organizations at the legislative level. 

We primarily use the personal data provided by users (such as email addresses) to communicate with visitors when there is a question or inquiry on the website. Additionally, contact information may be used for sending specialized offers, but only after obtaining the user's consent. 

Other collected data may be used to improve the website and user experience. For example, previously selected user settings on the website may be saved for future visits. 

Security of personal data 

We ensure that we take all necessary measures to protect users' personal data.  

Firstly, this includes encrypting information using SSL protocol.  

Secondly, we regularly update our security systems to provide the highest level of data protection possible. 

Important information  

The Privacy Policy may be modified and updated from time to time. Please stay informed about the updates, as we do not notify website users of any changes. The updated version of the policy becomes effective immediately upon its posting on the website. 

This Privacy Policy applies only to users of the website. You should review the policies of other websites you visit from our website. 

By continuing to use our website, you automatically agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the mentioned terms, we recommend to stop using the website. 

We are available to answer any additional questions you may have about the Privacy Policy. Please contact us through the contact form provided on the website.